A Visit to Evergreen

Today wore me out. I went to visit my great grandma who is 91 years old. I got tired after the party because I was running around with second cousin who is two years old. The people at the party were my second cousin, my mom’s cousin, my great uncle, my other great uncle, my grandma, my great grandma, my  great aunt, my mom, and me. We first said “hi” to everyone. After that we went to the cafeteria to have lunch. I was about have roasted turkey with cranberry sauce but instead I said to myself  “I  better stay to seasonal food.” So I had a grilled cheese, cauliflower, and a soda. My cousin and I passed out chocolates to the people in the cafeteria while we waited for our food. After lunch we passed out treats to the waiters. We got a dollar bill from a man we knew there. Next we went to look for easter eggs with treats and goodys in them. There were goldfish crackers, jelly beans, chocolates, and stickers. We keep on hiding the easter eggs until it was tIme to go home. I had a great time at the party. This was a fantastic day.