Scranimals – Book Review

Hi everyone.  I felt like doing another blog post today. This time it is a book review. The next paragraph is how I found the book.

I went to the library and signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge. It tells you to read specific kind of genre. Like mystery books, poetry books, non – fiction, fiction, and other categories. I was supposed to read a book of poems. My mom was looking around by the graphic novels and magazines. I went to the back of the library to find a poetry book. I went down the a aisle whispering to myself  “cooking books, space books, atlas.” Strange it said this was the poetry aisle. I went back down the aisle. As I looked between the cooking and space books I found poetry books. As you all know I’m going on vacation in  a week. There were mostly huge books of poetry. Since, I’m going on vacation in a week I probably shouldn’t get a big book. I looked for a smaller book. I pulled out a book called Scranimals. It was by JACK PRELUTSKY! I learned about him in second grade. I looked through it. This was the book.

Scranimals is by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Peter Sis. I want to thank Jack Prelutsky and Peter Sis. You worked together and made a fantastic book. I enjoyed it so so much. Anyway Scranimals is poems that combine two animals together,  combine an animal and a food, or combine an animal and a plant. This book gave me the giggles. I’ll list the animal names:

Rhinocerose  – rhino and rose = rye – noss – ur -oze

Spinachicken – spinch  and chicken = spin – itch – ick – inz

Camelberta Peach – this one i’m not sure about. I think a camel, a sheep, and a peach = cam – ull – burr – tuh

Potatoad – potato and toad = poe – tay – toad

Cardinalbacore – i’m stumped on this one. It’s a cardinal and something. Comment if you have a idea =car – din – al – buh – core

Hippopotamushroom – hippopotamus and mushroom = hip – uh – pot – uh – mush – room

Parrotters – Parrot and otter = paa – rot – urz

Porcupineapple – Porcupine and pineapple = por – cue – pie – nap – ul

Broccolions- Broccoli and lion = brock – uh – lie – unz

Antelopetunia – Antelope and petunia = an – till – oh –  puh – tune – yuh

Stormy Petrelephant – Elephant and something else. Comment if you have a idea =  peh – trell – uh – font

Toucanemone -Toucan and something else. Comment if you have a idea = two – can – em – uh – neez

Radishark – Radish and shark -= rad – ish – ark

Bananaconda- Banana and Anaconda = buh – na – nuh – con -duh

Mangorilla – Mango and gorilla = man – guh – rill – uh

Orangutangerine – Orangutan and tangerine = uh – rang  – uh – tan – jur -een

Ostricheetah- Ostrich and cheetah= ah – stri- chee – tuh

Pandaffodil – Panda and daffodil = pan – daff – uh – dill

Avocadodos – Avocado and dodo = ah – vuh – ca – doe – doze

There are the animals in most pictures I noticed the animal before the animal and after the animal in the picture. For example in the Toucanemone picture you see the Stormy Petrelephant which came before the Toucanemone and the head of the Radishark which comes after the Toucanemone.  Well that is all for now. Tomorrow it will be exactly a week until vacation yay!  Bye.

Your poetry friend,