Lunch Lady – Book Review

Hi I have been reading the series Lunch Lady. They are comics. My mom is a Lunch Lady at my school so that is why I like them. Lunch Lady by Jarret J. Krosoczka is about a Lunch Lady, her helper Betty,  and three kids named Hector, Dee, and Terrence called the Breakfast Bunch. Lunch Lady uses weapons and secret agent things listed down below.

Taco-vision night googles

Hamburger Headphones

Lunch Tray Laptop

Spork Phone

Mole Communicator

S’more Star

Hot Sauce Laser

Crazy Straw Earpiece

Gelatin Key

Fancy Ketchup Packet Laser

Mustard Grappling Hook

Serving Spoon Crowbar

Chicken Nugget Bomb

Baguette Bow

Fish Stick Nunchucks

Whisk Whackers

Hairnet Net

Plastic Wrap Wrangler

Those are some of the secret agent things.

There is also a bully in it named Milmoe. I really hope you might try the series. 

Your blogger,