Camp Doll Diaries Will Start Soon

I hope everyone is excited. Camp doll diaries is starting on June 13th, 2014. My dolls have already been preparing. I have some easy crafts ideas. I’m 95% sure Isabelle will be joining camp doll diaries in mid July.  7 more days of school and then i’ll have lots of time to write! Here are some crafts we will do. A few are my ideas.

1. American Girl Highlights – my idea

2. American Girl Dog Leash – my idea

3. Doll Name Tags

and many others. Make sure you have yarn. Almost all my ideas include yarn! My post American Girl Camp Intro. has the link to camp doll diaries. I’ve gotten 5 views today and 4 visitors! I’ve gotten 4, 625 people on my blog! Anyway, i’ll have more posts soon. Adios!

Your American Girl Fan,



A Dream About New Mexico


Welcome to New Mexico.

I can not wait… this summer I am going to New Mexico. I am going to New Mexico with my Mom and Dad. We are not going to take an airplane to New Mexico instead we are going to take the train. The train ride is 24 hours long. We are going to be there for 10 days 2 of them on the train. We are not taking a plane because we thought it would be more fun and we could see more.

We are staying at the Old Santa Fe Inn. My dad can not wait for the chile cheese burgers. My mom is excited to see the mountains. I can not wait to explore New Mexico. I am going to bring my American Girl Doll Josefina along because that is where Josefina lived. She actually lived in Santa Fe. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico.The Old Santa Fe Inn is right next to imagesthe capital of New Mexico.New Mexico is not part of Mexico. New Mexico used to be a part of Mexico in the early 1800s and before that. If it was not for the Mexican American War New Mexico would still not be a part of America.As you can see, my whole family is excited to go to New Mexico.