Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: A Book Review

Mrs. Piggy Wiggle is a very, very, very, funny book. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle lives in a upside down house and she was married to a pirate once. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is one of my favorite books. She knows how to cure problems here are some of them:

1. The Won’t Pick up Toys Cure that happens to Hubert

2. The Answer Backer Cure that happens to Mary

3. The Selfishness Cure that happens to Dick

4. The Radish Cure that happens to Patsy

5. The Never- Want – To -Go – To – Bedders Cure that happens to Bobby, Larry, and Susan

6. The Slow – Eater – Tiny – Bite – Taker Cure which happened to Allen

7. The Fighter – Quarrelers Cure which happened to Joan and Anne

This book was written by Betty MacDonald. This is the funniest book ever. I love it. There are lots of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle  books and this is only one of them. Thanks for reading,

Your blogger,