My First Two Days of School

It was a busy first two days of school. I am in third grade already. Oh I almost forget to tell you that I have a locker. I share with a friend. The locker number is 373. Today is my second day of school.  I did my morning chores like DLR – Daily Language Review. Taking lunch account. Then we had math. We did bar graphs. My data question was,  ‘What is your favorite state?’ I got two for Washington D.C, two for California, seven for Wisconsin, and six for other.  Then we went to music class. We got to met our new music teacher.  She is from Colorado. Then we went to PE.  We just learned about the rules.

Then finally we got to go outside. I played helicopter, the French version of duck duck goose, and electricity. It was so fun. Then we had lunch and I finally got to eat my chocolate pudding in peace because yesterday I had to gobble up my pudding in about 30 seconds. There are only 20 minutes and sometimes only 10 minutes of lunch time. Then we went upstairs to our classroom. We put our lunches away then did readers workshop where we read books and share them with are reading partner. I brought a book called Thea Stilton and the Dragons Code. I  shared it with my reading buddy. Then we read a book are teacher picked out for us. I read My Brother’s Keeper: Virginia’s Civil War Diary. It is the best book ever. I love it.

Then we had second recess. My friend from France and I played the french version of duck duck goose again. It was so fabulous. Then we went back to the classroom for 45 minutes then went home. We took the book are teacher picked out for us home for homework.  At least tomorrow there is no school tomorrow . Well I better get back to reading my book!

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PS. my mom got the Addy American Girl doll for her birthday.


Thea Stilton – A Book Review

Thea Stilton is related to the Geronimo Stilton. This book is for girls though. It is about 5 girls from different countries. They are, Nicky from Australia, Colette from France, Violet from China, Paulina from Peru, and Pamela from Tanzania. They are mice.  Thea Stilton is a series.

books are:

1.  Dragon’s Code

2. Mountain of Fire

3. Ghost of the Shipwreck

4. Secret City

5. Mystery in Paris

6. Cherry Blossom Adventure

7. Star Castaways

8. Big trouble in the Big Apple

9. Ice Treasure

10. Secret of the old castle

11. Prince’s Emerald

12.  The Blue Scarab Hunt

13.  Dancing Shadows

I only read books 12 ,9, 5, 4, 2, and 1.  Book 12 takes place in Egypt.  Book 9 takes place in Alaska.  Book 5 takes place in Paris. Book 4 is my favorite and it takes place in Peru. Book 2 takes place in Australia.  Book 1 takes place at Mouseford Academy where the mice go to college. The 5 mice call themselves the Thea sisters after their teacher Thea Stilton.

Nicky wants to  be a ecologist when she grows up. Colette wants to be a fashion writer when she grows up. Violet wants to be a violinist. I Mara used to be a Violinist. Paulina wants to be a scientist when she is older. Pamela always wanted to be a car mechanic or sports journalist when she is bigger.

Well I hope you try out these books. They are so good. I could read them all day. Well good bye for now

Your reading blogger,